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Welcome to, home of The Soil Man! We are a soil and crop fertility management company. Through a unique understanding of soils and how your plants respond at the cellular level, we can create custom solutions for your farm or ranch. Whether you want to repair damaged soils or increase your yield while saving money, we can help you with your goals!

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Customer Testimonials

  • My 10 year old alfalfa stand was pretty ragged so I intended to plow it up and start over. A friend had me try the Grower's Source™ program. It looked as if it was a brand new alfalfa crop, only without the work and the extra water.

  • My neighbor had to spray every 7 to 10 days for earworms on his sweet corn. My corn was not bothered by earworms or disease where I used Grower's Source™ products.

  • I had tried for years to transplant small dogwoods I had dug out in the winter. They kept dying. This year I dipped the bare roots in a 2 ounce mix of GS BLEND™ and poured a little mix over the hole. To my delight they all took off. I did not lose a single tree.

  • As a professor and consultant, I push for soil fertility to increase profits. Grower's Source™ products fit right in with my recommendations for total plant health programs.

  • After examining two fields, one of my father’s (sprayed with BOLT™) and one of mine, which I planted one day apart, it was obvious the BOLT™ fields had better plant health, stronger stems, and a more developed root structure. Yes, I guess I should have sprayed mine. Well, happy Father's Day, Dad!

  • "My plants were large and healthy, sugar went up and my soil is improved more each year. I am very happy with my Grower's Source™ results.

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